Recap of Family STEM Night - A Night of Learning and Fun!

Recap of Family STEM Night - A Night of Learning and Fun!

Family STEM Night was fantastic! The event was held on April 25th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Jr/Sr High School. This event was made possible through a partnership with the Hamilton County ESC and the 21st Century Grant.

Family STEM Night was an opportunity for families and students from kindergarten to 12th grade to come together and immerse themselves in engaging STEM activities that fostered learning and play. There were over 137 participants in attendance, all sporting smiles that spoke volumes about the enjoyment and learning they experienced throughout the evening.

Here are some highlights from the event:

  • Diverse Activities: Families and students had a blast participating in a wide array of activities and events. From building birdhouses to playing with Ozobots, creating AI images, constructing penny boats, sorting compost, modeling the rock cycle, and exploring Keva Planks.

  • Special Presentations: The night also featured special presentations from organizations such as NKU Cinsam, Clippard, Greenarcres, The Bug Chicks, ISpace, Gorman Heritage, Cincinnati Library, and Black Boys in Tech.

A special thank you goes out to the following organizations whose participation made Family STEM Night possible:

  • Hamilton County ESC

  • 21st Century Grant

  • NKU Cinsam

  • Clippard

  • Greenarcres

  • The Bug Chicks

  • ISpace

  • Gorman Heritage

  • Cincinnati Library

  • Black Boys in Tech