Remembering Dave Dierker

Dear Mt. Healthy City Schools Staff, Families, and Community,

It is with deep sorrow that we inform you of the passing of Dave Dierker, a beloved figure in Mt. Healthy history. Dave served as the athletic director of Mt. Healthy City School District from August 1990 to July 1998, leaving a mark on our community through his passion and commitment to our students and athletes.

Dave's legacy extends far beyond his tenure at Mt. Healthy; his impact resonates throughout Cincinnati Public Schools where he later served as athletic director until his retirement in July 2016. He was instrumental in revitalizing our athletic programs during his time here, laying the foundation for the successes that followed.

One of Dave's contributions was the organization of a regular bingo night, it was a creative approach to fundraising and highlighted his support for our programs. His efforts not only raised funds but also created a sense of community among our staff, families, and supporters.

In the link below you can find more information on Dave’s career during and after his departure from Mt. Healthy. As we mourn the loss of a former Owl, let us also celebrate the legacy of Dave Dierker and the influence he had on our school district and beyond.