students working on the project

Yesteday was an exciting day at our Jr/Sr High School as the UC Engineering Department, in collaboration with G.E. "Next Generation" Engineers, paid a special visit. They brought along an incredible hands-on activity that put our students' critical thinking, teamwork, and innovation skills to the test!

In the heart of the media center, teams of students embarked on an engineering adventure like no other. Armed with straws, cardboard, and their creativity, they set out to design and construct windmills.

The students collaborated, combining their unique ideas and perspectives to create something truly remarkable. Guided by professional from UC, GE, and our own staff our students tackled challenges and improved on their designs.

Thank you, UC Engineering Department and G.E. "Next Generation" Engineers, for inspiring the engineers of tomorrow as well as the Mt. Healthy staff that made the event possible.

Watch the video here: