We are excited to inform you that professional photographers from Lifetouch were present at the graduation ceremony, capturing the unforgettable moments of this significant milestone. We understand that these memories hold immense value for you and your family, which is why we have made arrangements to share these photographs with you.

Lifetouch has provided us with a link where you can access the photographs taken during the graduation ceremony. By following this link below, you will be directed to a gallery containing the images of graduation. Please note that these photos are available for purchase if you wish to commemorate this special day with professional prints.

For those interested in purchasing photographs, Lifetouch offers a range of packages and products. You can explore the options available directly on their website and complete your purchase securely. We encourage you to review the various packages and select the ones that best suit your preferences.

In addition to the Lifetouch photos, our district's Facebook page features a collection of graduation photographs. These images were captured by our own staff and are available for you to view and download free of charge. You can also download them directly from our Google Photos Album by going to this link:

We understand the sentimental value of these photographs and the memories they hold. Whether you choose to purchase professional prints from Lifetouch or utilize the free photos available on Facebook or Google Photos, we hope that these images serve as a lasting reminder of the achievements and joy experienced by the graduating seniors.

Lifetouch Album: