Pictures of administrative professionals

Mt. Healthy City Schools would like to express their gratitude to all of their administrative professionals for their hard work and dedication. These individuals are the backbone of the school district, and their contributions play an integral role in keeping the schools running smoothly.

One of the administrative professionals being recognized is Rosemary Whitehurst. Mrs. Whitehurst has dedicated 36 years of her career as a School Secretary with the Mt Healthy Family. She started at Greener Elementary and worked at several other schools within the district. Her children and grandchildren attended Mt Healthy Schools, making her love for the district even stronger. Mrs. Whitehurst's loyalty, kindness, and passion will be deeply missed as she retires on June 30th.

Another remarkable individual is Pam Lahmer, who has been with Mt. Healthy City Schools for 25 years. Mrs. Lahmer started at New Burlington Elementary in 2007 and has been working side-by-side with Rosemary at North Elementary since its opening in August 2010. She is the heart and soul of North Elementary and always goes above and beyond to help staff and students.

LaVonda Corner is another notable administrative professional who has been with the district for 28 years. She started volunteering at New Burlington and eventually found herself working for the district. She has worked in various positions, including an aide at Jane Hoop, in the treasurer's office, and now in the superintendent's office. Mrs. Corner's love for the people and community has kept her with the district for so many years.

Tish Brown is another valued administrative professional with 29 years of experience in the district. She started as a transportation secretary and has since moved into other roles, including assistant to the Food Service Director and Administrative Assistant Human Resources. Ms. Brown is an alumni of Mt. Healthy and wanted to come back because of her fond memories of the district's great teachers.

June Herlinger has been with the district for many years and used to be a cheerleading coach. She always goes above and beyond and supports the district in many ways at events and athletics. Yvonne Watson and Angie Cross are also administrative professionals with over 20 years of experience at Mt. Healthy. Both are alumni of the school, and Ms. Cross even has a grandson currently attending.

At South Elementary, we are fortunate to have two outstanding administrative professionals on our team. Mrs. Andrews, with 24 years of dedication to the students and families of MTH, is the cornerstone of our building. Her upbeat attitude and ability to "run the show" make her an essential part of our school. She provides invaluable support to students, staff, and families and takes a special interest in meeting the unique needs of our students.

We are also grateful for Mrs. Edwards, who has done a terrific job of transitioning from a para to administrative assistant. She builds great relationships with our students and families, making everyone feel welcome and appreciated. She has a growth mindset with her craft, always striving to improve and learn new skills to better serve our community. We appreciate both of these wonderful professionals and the countless ways they contribute to our school. Thank you for everything you do, Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Edwards!

The Early Learning Center (ELC) also has two dedicated administrative professionals, Shannon Campbell and Daniella Gutierrez. Ms. Campbell joined the team this summer and has already become an integral part of the ELC family. Ms. Gutierrez has been in her role as family and community liaison for the past two years and has built strong relationships with families and the community.

These professionals are essential to the success of the district, and their commitment to the staff, students, and families is deeply appreciated. Thank you for all that you do!