Pictures of quilts

At Mt. Healthy High School, there is a class offered that is quite unique compared to the usual lineup of math, science, and history courses. It is called "Telling Your Truth" and it is taught by Mrs. Kathryn Maude Haeger, a passionate artist who has been teaching for 25 years. Mrs. Haeger has won many awards and is recognized as an accomplished artist in her field. She shares her knowledge and love for quilting with her students, and they are eager to learn.

The class is held in a classroom with quilting equipment, and students are encouraged to create their own quilts and other fiber art. Andree Ma'Kout-tsine, an 11th grader, is particularly excited about the class. "I love getting to be hands-on in this class," she says. "It's so interesting, and I get to be creative." Andree is already making plans to continue making quilts for fun in the future. She is eager to learn more about the techniques and skills required to create beautiful pieces of art.

Maya Hayes is another student who has recently joined the class. She is a 10th grader, and this is her first semester in the class. Her favorite part about the class is that she gets to choose her own materials. "It's so much fun to experiment with different fabrics and colors," she says. "And I'm really proud of the quilt I made for the exhibit." Maya decided to take the class after seeing her twin sister's quilts from last year's class. She was impressed by her sister's creations and wanted to try it out for herself. Now, she is hooked.

The students in "Telling Your Truth" are not only learning about fiber art, but also about themselves. They are encouraged to use their own experiences and stories as inspiration for their creations. Mrs. Haeger wants her students to understand that quilts are not just blankets, but also a way to express themselves and tell their own stories.

As the semester goes on, the students continue to create beautiful pieces of art. Andree and Maya are just two of many students who are inspired by Mrs. Haeger's passion for fiber art. They are grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a passionate and influential professional.

The quilts and other fiber art created by the students in "Telling Your Truth" were recently displayed in the Spring Arts, Education & Wellness Fair exhibit. It was a proud moment for Mrs. Kathryn Maude Haeger to see her students' hard work and creativity on display for the community to see.

The class has not only taught the students about quilting, but it has also taught them about themselves. They have learned to express themselves through their creations and to embrace their own stories…that is the true beauty of "Telling Your Truth."