Images of the windmills in class.

Our students recently completed a culminating mastery project where they built wind turbines as part of their alternative energy unit. They started by learning about different alternative energy sources and brainstorming ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Then, they put their knowledge to the test by designing and building their own wind turbines using only non-electronic materials like plates, sticks, wood, and spoons.

The turbines needed to rotate and lift a minimum of 25g of weight, and as they tested their turbines, students collected data on time to lift weight, distance weight lifted, and mass of weight lifted. They used this data to calculate the power of their turbines and compete with other groups for the most powerful machine.

We're so proud of our students for rising to the challenge and developing important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and independent work. Way to go! 💪🏼A big shoutout to our amazing teacher, Emily Darwish, who led this project and guided our students throughout the semester. Emily's dedication and passion for teaching Environmental Science have inspired our students to think critically about environmental issues and find creative solutions. Thank you, Emily, for all that you do for our students!